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Beyoncé - Love On Top


Beyoncé - Love On Top

Music video by Beyoncé performing Love On Top. (C) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment
"@monsybee: You cant hurry love; no, you'll just have to wait; love dont come easy but its a game of give and take\355\240\274" ♥♥♥

gotta be the crunkest, gotta be the loudest, gotta be the best love song she ever heard in her lifeeeeeee

I love the ppl who love me , more than they love me . They ion even know

@shfly3424 Yesung I would never willingly you close with another woman because I love you so much,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Love young life couldn't live with out it! Best younglife leader ever aka @eringreenyl already counting down til camp 244 days! Can't wait

@tesssmits I love that cat! its my ringtone for my parents :") lets be baywatch oooh cats for christmas, halloweens to far away

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